AWS Tutorial 1 – Getting Started with AWS

AWS or “Amazon Web services” is a flexible, scalable and reliable web hosting platform which has varies services attached to it. Further these technologies are growing fast and many developers are using it. So it is worth to learn AWS

This tutorial will start from the begining and gradually going through the AWS services and at the end we will build a complete project on AWS. As this is the first tutorial of this series here I will add a navigation links to each tutorial once it finished. So keep touch on it.

Structure of sessions.
1. Getting started with AWS.

What is AWS ?

If we take the meaning of AWS is Amazon Web Services which is a subsidiary of Amazon. Further this will provide wide range of cloud computing solutions hosted in various data centers all over the world where you can rent them to run your own applications or services. For example if you want to host your static web site amazon web services can be used. May be you want to host a API for your mobile application, that can also be done using AWS. There are various advantages of using this type of cloud services rather than hosting it on shared or dedicated server. For examples there are many predifined solutions in clouds like AWS to do most common tasks. Also it can be scabable easily and web traffics can be handled in smart way in several scenarios.

Just take a look up by going to AWS website and opening products section there are huge range of products categories in to many fields. you can go through them and have a rough idea if you are super interested.

If you go to pricing section the most important thing here is they are offering a free tier by giving access to most of their services for 12 months. There are more than 60 products which will be given you with certain limitation to learn. If you go to you can see those limitations and the services you can access. But keep in mind that you have to enter your credit card or internet payment enabled debit card to signup for free tier.

Don’t worry what we are learning in this series can be done within the free tier and you can exceed the free tier and host your applications if you wish to do so.

Before we dive in to AWS let’s learn what is “serverless computing”, which is relevant in all cloud solutions like Azue, Google cloud etc. Although the word suggest that there is no server it does has a server. The thing is we do not want to much worry about the server. For example if we use a dedicated or shared hosting as our apps grows we have to manually go and increase the server size and also it will use all resources even if the application does not need that much resources at a given time.Servers will be online even if we do not required. So the resources may be over or under estimated. Further we have to update the operating systems and other relevant software in the serves if we use traditional hosting services. But here in the AWS we can set load balancing and scalable function to handle those kind of scenarios.

So you have a brief knowledge about serverless computing. So why are we keep waiting… Lets go and create a AWS account and start working on it. If you already have a AWS account you can skip this section and go directly to the next tutorial. Otherwise you can create a account with me..

First you have to go to and press ” create an AWS account ” button

Then you will be navigated to the sign up page and you can enter your email, password and account name to continue.

After entering the relevant details then you have to fill the contact information. I will fill them as well. You can select personal from the account type and then enter other details and check the agree button to customer agreement and you can continue.

Then it will ask payment information. Here you have to enter your card details.

I will fill this one also and press sucure submit. Then you have to confirm your identity. I will select my country, enter the phone number, write the captcha and get a text message to verify. If you love to receive a phone call then select that option.

After confirming the phone number you can choose your plan.

Choose basic Plan which is the free plan since we are using the free tier in this course. This method may have little differences with the time since AWS may change it slightly but you can follow this basic steps and create the account by your own. After creating account you can sign in to the account using your email and password.

If you successfully landed to the AWS console page, congratulations now you have a AWS account. From the next tutorial lets learn more about the services provided by AWS and host a static website. If you have any questions feel free to ask them and lets meet again with a new tutorial.

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