Raspberry Pi 4 will be more powerful More faster

Here we come again with new cool gadget which is the Raspberry Pi 4. According to Raspberry Pi Foundation this device is ready for even 4K video !  Further they say that this is a complete upgraded and re-engineered to make it more faster .

Considering the specs of the device it will support dual 4k Displays at 60 frames per second which will give a good experience for the users.  We can also use Bluetooth 5.0 which is even faster and with two USB 2 ports and two USB 3 ports for transferring data.   Ram capacity will be vary from your need. They will come up with 1GB, 2GB and 4GB ram variations.

Talking about the cost the 1GB version will be starting from $35 which will not too much for this kind of device.

Further we will update more about these kind of devices. keep in touch with us. Please use the comment section to express your ideas.

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