Mi Band 4 Released

MI band 4 released recently with new features compared to the Mi band 3 which they had previously. Technology wise and feature wise the device has been improved a lot.


source : Xiaomi

Talking about its features it has a Colour AMOLED Display which will be an improvement to Mi Band 3 .This will give a new interfaces for the device. It also carries 6-Axis Sensor which enabled the physical activity while moving. This new device will be able to identify cycling , exercise walking, running, and further swimming with 20 Days of Battery Life.

Xiaomi has designed this devices with the integration of payment mode which will display a QR code in the device interface. Users will able to see the QR code after swiping the screen and payments can be done by scanning the QR.

Device comes with in-build microphone which will enable the voice commands. Apart from that this will give the access to messages incoming calls and notifications like previous Mi bands in the same way.

So thats about the MI Band 4 . If you have any idea about this device use the comment section below. Love to hear from you. Lets meet again with a new device.

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